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Since November 2015 and for two years, the Alliance is partner of a European projet “ReACT” (REinforcing Assistance to Child victims of Trafficking), co-funded by the European Commission and developed with five ECPAT groups (in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom).

The ReACT project aims at reinforcing access to justice and the right to be protected in legal procedures for child at risk or victims of trafficking in EU Member States. Thus, different activities are developed in order to target legal representatives (guardians and lawyers) in contact with minors as well as minors themselves.


Project activities


1. Realization of a European study comparing the legal representatives systems existing in the 5 partner countries.

Each partner country realized, at national level, a comparative study regarding the existing legal representatives systems. On this basis, a European report was developed and recommendations were formulated. You can find the report here (future PDF file, hyperlink).

In France, the national research was published by the Documentation Française. It is entitled “Mineurs à risque ou victimes de traite en France : enjeux de protection et de représentation légale, it will soon be available on the website. You will find it, from March, on the Documentation Française’s website.


2. Development of training modules for guardians and lawyers.

A training of trainers was organized in January 2017 in Leiden (the Netherlands) for guardians and lawyers. The modules will focus on minors at risk and victims of trafficking in legal proceedings, and will include specific developments about roles and responsibilities of professionals.
The training of trainers will lead to training sessions at national level. In total, 150 lawyers and 250 guardians will be trained.


3. Creation of child-friendly information tools to inform minors at risk or victims of trafficking about their rights.

Two complementary tools are created and dissemination in the framework of the ReACT project.

First, there is a video into which a minor gives advices to another minor when he arrives on a country’s territory.

The video is translated into 13 languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Pidgin English, Pashto, Farsi, Arabic, Albanian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Chinese and Vietnamese) and is available on the Youtube Channel “ECPAT ReACT”, follow this link.

The video is completed by leaflets (one per country) that give practical details, such as contacts of associations or institutions specialised and able to help, support or orientate the minors. The leaflets are also translated into 13 languages. You can find them within the description of the video (on Youtube; see above).


4. Advocacy activities to systematise access to guardians.

On the basis of the recommendations and results of the European study, advocacy activities will be led in order to systematise access to guardians in European countries, and in order to include training modules in the national curriculum of new guardians and lawyers.


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